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Qesson now also offers baby-sitting services.

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Who are we?

As an education specialist, we have been offering tuition services for several years. In order to expand our services to families in London, we are launching our great Baby-sitting service!


Our services

After school

If you are unable to pick up your child from school, a Qesson baby-sitter is the ideal solution. As a one-off or on a regular basis, your baby-sitting will pick up your child from school and even help him/her with his/her homework!

Evenings & week-ends

Do you have a work event? A romantic dinner or an evening out with friends? Simply book a Qesson baby-sitter 24 hours in advance.

Special occasions

Weddings, birthdays, family events, our baby-sitters are available to help you look after and entertain the kids for all your special occasions.

Prices start from £20/h for 3 children

School holidays

School holidays can be headache for working parents. With a Qesson baby-sitter, your children will have fun during their school break. Your baby-sitter will plan fun and educational activities for your children and make sure they have a great time!

Our baby-sitters

Outstanding baby-sitters, hand-picked with care

Our selection process is very rigorous and here at Qesson we have personally met each and every one of our baby-sitters. We select them based on their experience with children and educational background but also on their energy, patience and imagination.

Our baby-sitters will not only look after your children, they will make sure that they have fun and learn something new too.

4 simple steps:


Contact us


We select your baby-sitter


Your booking is confirmed


You can relax, your child is well looked after!


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Our partners

We have been fortunate and worked with some great partners

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